Answers to your questions

"Why should I bother with a newsletter anyway?"

THE TOP REASON: It's cheaper & easier to retain an existing customer than to find a new one.

Really? Yes, it's true.

A newsletter is all about keeping in contact with your warm market and building your credibility. How? By supplying a steady stream of interesting content (along with your promotions/ads). Doing this will nurture the connection with your past and present customers, as well as your prospects (and we'll talk more about attracting new clients later).

Interesting newsletter content will give them plenty of reasons to STAY on your mailing list, so when they need footcare services again, the provider they think of… is you!

Consider a company that supplies seniors tour packages. Or baby stuff. Or veterinary services and pet supplies. Or plus-size fashions. Or domestic assistance. Or any of a thousand goods and services that people buy.

Such as footcare services. Hey, now you're talking!

And let's say that Jackie (she's a baby boomer) used your services last year. And since then you've been sending her (and all your past customers and warm prospects) a chatty email once a month with a handful of interesting articles in it including one or two about foot care.

Is Jackie going to REMEMBER your business? Sure thing. She might have even told her ladies lunch group about something she read from you.

Now when Jackie needs her feet attended to again, who will she turn to? The research says it'll be the business that's been friendly to her in recent months.

And that, right there, is the ONE time-tested marketing ‘secret’ that, by my estimate, 98% of podiatrists are missing. It's the KEY to customer retention.

"Okay, so how does this membership work?"

On the first or second business day of the month, I will email the new month's newsletter to you. Text only, no graphics. The content you'll get will be ready to paste into your email sending program once you add your business contact details.

It will be formatted so you can COPY what we supply and PASTE it directly into your email sending program. In other words: If you can copy+paste, you can do this!

  • NOTE: You can use ANY email marketing service you like. You don't have to use the "free for your first 1,000 subscribers, then $10/month" company I will be recommending. But my approach is this - why pay more than you have to? They all do the same basic job - they send emails to your subscribers and they provide subscriber signup forms so new people can get on your list. You put one of those forms on your website, and they show you how. It's easy and they provide support if you do get stuck.

  • "Once I've received your email, what exactly do I do with it?"

    The steps are few and simple. Open your email sender and create a new blank email, then:

    - Take a COPY of what we send you and PASTE it into that blank email, then
    - Add your business contact details (such as address, phone, opening hours, website address, whatever you like), then
    - Optionally, change anything you like and add anything you like such as your own advertising, then
    - Send yourself a test email so you can see what your people will get (and edit it if you're not happy).

    Then click SEND and the system will shoot an individually-addressed email out to everybody on your mailing list. Neat, eh?

    This is EXACTLY what our service is designed for. Our deliverable is created for you to use as-is in your email newsletters. In other words, to save your time by getting the customer nurturing job done efficiently.

    "How long are the articles?"

    The Podiatrists Content Club is helping Podiatry practices GROW

    Most articles will be in the 300-600 words range. Some will be well over 1000 words long. All will be well researched and well written.

    "Can I see the quality of articles I'll be getting?"

    You bet. That's why I'm offering you the current issue of our Footcare Newsletter FREE. It contains, as does every issue, 4 articles. So you can check us over. Kick the tyres, as they say. Take us for a test drive.

    Subscribe now to get your FREE copy of this month's Footcare Newsletter - which you can send on to your patients and other friends of your business, with your own business contact details. Not mine!

    You can be reviewing it within minutes by clicking the big black & white Subscribe button below. When you do, our mailing system will automatically send you the Welcome Pack which includes the 4 articles in this month's newsletter, AT NO CHARGE.

    "Can I change/edit your articles?"

    Definitely. You can edit our articles as much or as little as you like. That's the beauty of this system. We provide ready-to-send content but if you want to change it, you are most welcome!

    LINKS: Some articles include numbered links to the authority sources we're quoting. Like this: [1] Those links are all at the end of the article so, if you want to remove them, you can easily do so. The links section looks like this, or similar...


    "Do I have to link back to this site?"

    Nope. You're getting what's called white label content. To your readers, we are invisible. You need never mention who writes your stuff. If you like, you can put your own name as the author or 'Staff writer' or leave that blank. Totally up to you. No attribution is required.

    "Will I be locked into a contract?"

    Not at all. We don't lock our friends in, so you can easily login to PayPal and cancel anytime and still continue to use all the content you've downloaded.

    In fact, you can join our free mailing list today, download everything and then unsubscribe tomorrow and I won't mind a bit (well, a little bit maybe) because I'll know we gave it a good shot but it didn't work out.

    "Where do you stand on privacy?"

    Your privacy is respected here and your data will not be shared, sold, traded or given away. We're GDPR compliant and you can request to have your data deleted or downloaded.

    Apart from the ethical downside and the legal risk if I was greedy enough (and stupid enough) to exploit your personal data, I like to sleep with a clear conscience!

    "Who is behind this?"

    My name is Gary Harvey, and here is a little of my story.

    "What, not the usual stack of glowing testimonials???"

    Oops, I thought my easy-to-read writing style would be all you'd be concerned about, but since you ask, here are a few.

    "How do I contact you, Gary?"

    It's easy...

    "Ready to join us now?"

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