My Refund Promise

I’m so CONFIDENT you’re going to see huge value in this that I’m ALSO backing it with a 30-day refund guarantee that’ll make you smile too!

Anytime you don’t think you’re getting value, login to Paypal and cancel your subscription.

You can even ask for a refund. I will respond the same day I get your request by refunding your last payment. And you get to keep (and you can use!) all the articles you’ve downloaded.

As you’d expect, you’ll be leaving our premium mailing list but we’ll keep in touch via our free mailing list, unless you unsubscribe.

Of course, you can join our 4-articles-per-month service again later at the then-current price.

Sounds fair?

Mind you, I’m not expecting to have to spend much time doing refunds. Not when you see what’s provided.

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